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The Film
“Two Rivers” documents the true story of a Native American Reconciliation group that began in a couple’s home in Northern Washington State. Within five years many more had joined, and together they launched social and political reconciliation initiatives that changed their community, and race relations across the Northwest.

“Two Rivers” DVD and PBS broadcasts are connecting with a wide, multi-faceted audience: From curious individuals, to social, political action, and missionary organizations across the country.

Although attempts at Native and European American reconciliation are not unheard of, until now they have typically failed to produce lasting social changes. Thus, “Two Rivers” appeals to both whites and Natives who want to learn more effective means for connecting and healing their wounds, as well as to any individuals or groups interested in understanding racism and divisions of all sorts. In addition, “Two Rivers” teaches important aspects of American history that are becoming increasingly unfamiliar to Native American youth, and even today are largely unknown to European Americans

But “Two Rivers”, more than anything else, is an award winning film, and a fascinating human story with large implications: A true story of how people from different worlds have created profound, lasting friendships, because they were willing to adopt an open attitude, experiment with new ways of connecting, and learn to speak, listen, and act from their hearts.