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Two Rivers


“Two Rivers” wins Best Director and Best Documentary at Creation Arts Film Festival
“Two Rivers” wins Aurora Platinum Award – “Best in Show”
“Two Rivers” PBS broadcast fuels interest in various Native American reconciliation initiatives across the country

In the course of its’ three year license, “Two Rivers” is projected to broadcast on approximately sixty percent of PBS stations nationwide.

Current major metropolitan and key region broadcasts include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Spokane, Juneau, Sioux Falls, Fargo, Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Waco, Milwaukee, Topeka, Cincinnati, Springfield, Rochester, Philadelphia, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Richmond, Raleigh, and Tampa.

A high quality production and a well told story... To our knowledge the first such program for public television... The viewer is given hope that the featured efforts at reconciliation could inspire similar cooperative efforts among races in this country.
Chris Funkhouser
VP Exchange Programming
American Public Television

Thank you for looking beyond “Hollywood” to find our people and to attempt to reconcile the two peoples. My friends and I support you in this process... We are looking forward to interfacing with you on these issues...
Forrest S. Cuch
Executive Director
Division of Indian Affairs
Salt Lake City, Utah

I was weepy when I saw it, it is very cathartic, and will contribute to the healing of many... I believe that what you have done in this film needs to be done on a national level... We will use the DVD in our educational programs...
Richard Wilson
North American Indian Council

“Two Rivers” is spectacular... Unlike documentaries that focus on unresolved Indian/non-Indian conflicts, this film tells of the success that awaits people who sincerely try to understand the issues. The people who made this film possible can be proud of a process that will serve as a model for others to follow.
Phil Duran
Director: First Nations Institute
Author: “Bringing Back the Spirit”

I just saw “Two Rivers” and finally found the answer I have been looking for all these years.... Your work and message left me speechless... As I watched your film I sat with tears rolling down my cheeks. Is the answer really just so simple as ordinary people coming together and talking, listening to each other? I think you have shown us the way.
Phillip Gottfredson
Black Hawk Productions LLC
Orem, Utah

“Two Rivers” is really the essence of what public television is all about: People coming together for discussion, solely for the purpose of finding deeper understanding – to help viewers understand the cultures around them... “Two Rivers” does this in a straightforward and powerful way.

Excellent! “Two Rivers” shows how wonderful life can be for everyone when reconciliation occurs. It’s a great illustration of how positive white privilege, and the power they have, can be when used responsibly. We will be using it in our training programs
Burel Ford
Diversity Training
George Fox University

I was deeply moved. I couldn’t get through it without tears. Too often people want you to understand them – You found people who took the time to understand others. Very well done!
Don Enevoldsen
Author: “Me, My Country, My God”